Family Holiday in Linz

There is a lot to do in and around Linz. It is one of the cultural centers for Austria and is rich with history. The problem is always about how to make sure that all of those wonderful activities remain interesting to your family. Here are the top 5 family activities in Linz that will be sure to be a hit.

Attraction #1 – Schlossmuseum Linz

Nothing is more appealing to all ages than a full out castle. This isn’t a ruined castle, but one that is remarkably well preserved and has been kitted out with all manner of displays and exhibits. You can see all the armor and weapons you want, then move on to exhibits that display the technology and clothing of the day. This is really an all day trip so make sure that you set time aside for it.

Attraction #2 – Ars Electronica Centre


Called the Museum of the Future, this is a fascinating day of exploration into all the innovations in technology, and prototype proposal for everything based in data and electronics. Just seeing it at night, fully lit up, is enough to capture the imagination. They also have a section for young children that is based in interactive exhibits.

Attraction #3 – Botanical Gardens

You can walk from the center of Linz to the Botanical Gardens in Frienberg. It will take about 30 minutes, but then you will enter a world that is beautiful, mysterious and an excellent way to get your family out, about and burn off some of that travel energy. The Gardens have a variety of exhibit areas, bike rentals and a tea house.

Attraction #4 – Steel World

Austria has been at the center of Europe’s steel industry since its very beginnings. Steel World is a museum that celebrates that history, and all things steel. While you do get to see the mechanics of steel making, the exhibits about products and art forms made by steel will surprise and delight you. Their true crowning jewels are the steel spheres. These are mirror polished spheres of steel that effect the entire environment around them.

Attraction #5 – Wels

This is a day trip that is easy to make by Linz car rental or public transportation. This is one of the oldest cities around and not only is its historic district fascinating, there are also many re-enactment museums to explore. It is also a center of sports in Austria and a great many competitions are held there too.