Ski Car Hire in Linz

One of the best ways to make sure that you get the most out of your skiing trip is to book a car hire Linz Airport deal. There are many advantages to this form of travel. You will have the ability to take day and overnight trips to all of the ski resorts in the area, and you won’t have to worry about your equipment while traveling.

Here is a quick overview of the 4 things you need to watch out for when renting a car for a skiing trip in Linz that will make sure you get the most out of your holiday.

#4 – Skip the rack and go for the room:

Just about everyone leaps to the mini or compact when they are looking to save money on a rentacar, but for a skiing trip you want to head in the opposite direction. You are far better off with an estate car, wagon or van. This saves you the cost and hassle of trying to deal with a ski rack or box. It also is an easier way to keep your equipment safe while traveling.


#3 – Find out about ski resort deals from the agency:

Many of the Linz car leasing agencies can also offer you discounts off your ski tickets and rentals too. Check with them first before you pack all of your equipment along. You may not have to carry along everything, which will give you more room in your vehicle to pack along friends and family instead. The best holiday is always a shared holiday, so free up your space for friends not things.

#2 – Find out the cost of winterization


In the Linz area you will need every bit of winterization equipment that can come with your automobile. You want to make sure that the agency is including snow wipers, tyre chains and other components that improve traction and visibility on the road. Make sure that you also know the expectations for how the rental needs to be returned – such as how much fuel and whether or not the exterior must be cleaned too.

#1 – Check what you need to drive in Austria:

You would be surprised how many people don’t bother to check if they have the right documents to drive and find themselves in trouble. You may need more than just a common license. Be sure to understand what insurance you must have, and make sure the car is allowed to cross borders if your day trips will take you anywhere near one. You don’t want to have a spontaneous adventure interrupted because you didn’t plan for the “what-if” of a holiday.

A car hire Linz deal for your skiing holiday can transform your entire experience. Don’t wrestle with racks and vehicles that aren’t meant for winter roads. Go with an estate, people carrier, 7 or 9 seater, SUV, van or wagon to give yourself room and security while driving. Then take advantage of every opportunity you can find to ski!