Ski Resorts close to Linz Airport

Skiing is huge in Austria, because there are so many different mountains that you have to choose from. Let’s take a look at three of the most popular ski resorts located in this region of Northern Austria.

Freesports Arena Krippenstein:

Deep in the Salzkammergut, the Freesports Arena Krippenstein is a ski resort that is incredibly unique. They have done a lot of work in the freerider market, allowing skiers of all types to have the adventure of their lives while they’re out and about and checking out the world. Extreme sports are at the centre of everything that happens at the Freesports Arena, and with good reason – you can’t get much more extreme than what they’ve got.


The different slopes that they have available are incredibly challenging, and they request that their skiers are physically fit and ready for the challenge before they even arrive. Certain areas of the Freesports arena have difficult ridges, and certain altitudes end up being over 1500 metres in height, requiring a bit of high altitude preparedness on the part of the skier.

They have a variety of different hills available, and as their name suggests, they don’t only have skiing available to their visitors. Other outdoor activities are going on throughout the entire year. At this point in time, they have over 30 km of variants that are being used, much of which has powdered snow, perfect for any skier.

Dachstein West:

Almost 150 km of pistes greet you when you arrive at the Dachestein West. With three different locations in Gosau, Russbach, and Annaberg, the Dachstein West definitely has a variety of slopes for you to play around and check out. Considered to be some of the best skiing in the country, the Dachstein West has worked hard to ensure that their visitors get the best out of their trip. There is nothing worse than having to ski on packed slopes, so the kilometers of slopes help you to keep skiing throughout the entire time that you’re at the slopes. The resort is easily accessible in your car hire Linz Airport Austria booking.

There isn’t only skiing offered at the Dachstein West, either. When you’re ready to take a break, you can go and hang out at one of the traditional ski huts that are ready for you to enjoy. You can learn how to ski with ski schools, or you can go and play at the snowpark that is on the premises. Children are treated great at Dachstein West, and there are camps and other activities for them to enjoy out on the slopes. If you want a break from skiing, you can also check out the geocaching and the skiline as well. You’ll never run out of stuff to do!

The FeuerKogel:

If you’re looking for a ski resort that’s friendly and fun, you’ll want to check out the FeuerKogel. The FeuerKogel has a number of different pistes that they have for all levels of skiers, allowing you and your family to enjoy the slops together. The landscape is absolutely stunning, and the view from the top of the plateau is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

If you have children with you on your trip, there’s an entire area that has been put together so that they can enjoy the slopes as well. Beginners can learn how to ski in the specialized beginner’s area, and the ski school can help any skier hone their skills and get more comfortable on the slopes. If you have family members with you who can’t or won’t ski, they can have fun at the FeuerKogel as well.


Snowshoeing and hikes are both available for those who want to traverse the landscape. Or, you can go on a sleigh ride with your family. And, when you need a rest and some food, you can check out the terraces and huts at the lodges. It all comes together for an exciting experience!